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published 2020-06-30
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2С1 Гвоздика
Trumpeter 1:35
Maksim Tejkin
aka Капрал Мурзилка
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Artillery! We chant you!
Artillery! Our common destiny!
Artillery! You are a reliable shield of the country!
Artillery - God of War !!
   2C1 "Carnation", the best flower in a bouquet of Russian Artillery!
   Mounted on the MT-LB base, a 122-mm 2A31 rifled howitzer provides an excellent combination of firepower and mobility of self-propelled guns. Self-propelled guns due to its base could overcome water barriers (lake, river, sea). Due to the small VESP (15.7 tons), the car developed a speed on the highway of about 60 km / h, which allowed the self-propelled guns to avoid reciprocal shelling when a battery was detected after firing.
   Armament: 122-m rifled howitzer 2A31, capable of firing at a distance of up to 15 km! 40 122 mm shells could have specifications:
   Principal: High-explosive fragmentation shell and Cumulative.
   Additional: smoke, chemical and projectiles with electronic countermeasures could be charged.
   Note: For this artillery system, a special laser-guided projectile “Kitolov-2” was developed, which is able to hit the target with high accuracy using the homing head. The projectile is high-precision, only the target should be highlighted with a laser beam from the gun mount itself or the fire spotter. The Croats also developed a “super charge” charge, thanks to which the “Carnation” shells flew 17.1 km. When shooting with foreign shells ERBB 122 HB, the maximum range can be up to 21.9 km.
   According to 2017 data, self-propelled guns are still operated in the Russian army in the Airborne Forces and in some motorized rifle units as divisional artillery.