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2020-07-27    Международная онлайн-выставка "МИНИ-МАКС. Дороги Победы-2020" завершена. Благодарим всех участников. Диплом участника можно скачать здесь. До новых встреч.
published 2020-07-15
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V3-20-350 airfield air tanker based on ZIL-131
ICM + самодел 1:35
Mikhail Silantev
aka bunker751
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V3-20-350 airfield air tanker based on ZIL-131
   Good afternoon, dear colleagues!
   I present the model v3-20-350 airfield air tanker based on ZIL-131
   VZ-20-350 air tanker is designed for charging compressed air pneumatic systems, shock-absorbing landing gear racks and pneumatic wheels of aircraft by bypass method.
   Body size, mm
   Length 3300
   Width 1900
   Height 775
   Weight of the tanker's special equipment, kg:
   charged with air 2720
   without air 2455
   Number of cylinders 20
   Cylinder capacity, MZ (l)
   Maximum cylinder pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 35 (350)
   Collected from a box as a gift to a colleague, with the exception of specials.of equip. The base is taken from a set of ICM ZIL-131 in scale 1:35 (#35515). Self-made special equipment is installed on the chassis of the base car. The back of the spec.of equip. designed in 3d . Then some parts were printed on a 3d printer. Mirrors had to be made homemade, because relatives were lost). Have zerkall foil.
   Plastic, wire of different diameters, Tamiya putty, tape, improvised material. The inscription was made manually. Tamiya paints, Mig chemistry, pigments.
   I wanted to collect a well poyuzannyy zilok
   Enjoy your viewing !