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2020-07-27    Международная онлайн-выставка "МИНИ-МАКС. Дороги Победы-2020" завершена. Благодарим всех участников. Диплом участника можно скачать здесь. До новых встреч.
published 2020-07-27
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Mercedes Benz L 4500
Zvezda 1:35
Sergej Gorlov
aka Nikitok_54
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   Good day, ladies and gentlemen Modelers!
   Allow me to present my model to Your attention. The model from the Star is not bad, although not new. But my relationship with this truck didn't work out... Built for a long, long time. I ruined one set, it seemed to me, bought another and hung for four years... Well, I didn't"go in"...
   So, the model from the Star. I didn't want to build out of a box, a soldier, initially. Again, the merc from V. Yashin before my eyes. And in the time, as something went these Geldings, Ah recognized "shoal" and entirely Blue-red! I chose a slightly different prototype. Although blue, but the wings are black! Slightly different. The bumper is wide and, most importantly, the steering wheel is WHITE!!! Another device... Having bought two sets of baiting, from Voyager and Part, elf headlights for the German car industry, wheels from Panzer Art and a bunch of tar barrels, I collected such a MIRACLE! As usual, the hood, doors, body, trailer-working. Painted with acrylic from TAMIYA, HANSA. Tinting-TAMIYA, MIG and art oil. Pigments from Adam Wilder.
   Please watch and comment! I put on my helmet and grouped myself.
   PA.Sy. I added numbers, a rubber band on the window, and closed the engine on one side... Added a photo with Opel... And with numbers...