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До новых встреч!
published 2020-07-27
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SU-85 with the interior
MiniArt 1:35
Aleksandr Novikov
aka Михалыч 59
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   Hello, fellow modelers.
   I offer you a model from Miniart SU-85 with an interior. This model was given to me by a friend-Modeler Gennady Zavrazhnev back in March 2018, and after such a time, I started working on this rather simple model. With a cursory analysis of the contents of the box, it became clear that there are a lot of details, about 1800 pieces, plus it had to be refined and added more of its own material. Modifications:
   Manufactured: antenna, cable made of copper wire 0.3 mm, DVD in the sight, telescopic rod for turning the gun to the right-left, lower support for the gun, handrails made of 0.5 mm wire, fuel lines on the engine, between the tanks, fuel tank in the fighting compartment, fire extinguisher, wiring, pneumatic wiring, reflector in the headlight, roll-up tent with belts and brackets, belts and brackets for spurs, handles for the Zip box, wiring to the headlight and sound signal, welds on tanks.
   The gun from the set is short, at first it was lengthened, but its shape was not conical, but straight, as a result, I made a new one myself.
   Reworked: the rack for shells, the axis of the sloth had to be pushed back, because there was a very strong tension of the tracks, in order to collect the track belts, it was necessary to completely re-tighten the tracks of 144 pieces, otherwise they would not be collected.
   Triplexes first painted silver, then painted the top with a protective green color, turned out as real, three-dimensional, but in the photos they are not visible at all.
   A model or example for me was the work of Nikolai from Tula, he exhibited the same work three years ago, we communicated with him throughout the construction and his advice helped me.
   In the course of work, I consulted with modelers and specialists on the SU-85: Alexander Selemenev, Sergey Leys, Alexey Makarov from the t34inform website, thank you all very much!
   Painted with paints and lacquers from Tamiya, AKAN, ZIP, smeared products WILDER, MIG.
   I invite you to view.