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2020-10-07    Сегодня у нас закончилось большое обновление программного обеспечения сайта. Что сделано? Вынесена часть настроек показа галереи и матчасти непосредственно на страницы этих разделов. Полностью переработан простой верстак и существенно - расширенный. Теперь в верстаках предусмотрен режим массовой загрузки фотографий, можно грузить необработанные фотографии. Программа автоматически приведет размеры фото в соответствие с максимально разрешенным размером в личном кабинете. Увеличено разрешенное количество фотографий в работах. Это основное. Работа продолжается, намечены новые улучшения, часть из них уже тестируется. В частности скоро заработает система оповещения (пока только по почте) автора о новых отзывах в его работе.

Большая просьба немедленно сообщать об ошибках, непонятном поведении программ и прочих коллизиях на почту или в соответствующий раздел на форуме.

Добро пожаловать.

2020-09-29     Мы начинаем подготовку к нашему традиционному виртуальному конкурсу стендовых моделей DiShow-2020. Замечания, предложения, вопросы на форуме ЗДЕСЬ.

В рамках подготовки к конкурсу в ближайшую неделю планируется масштабное обновление программного обеспечения сайта. В течении этого периода возможны перебои в работе сайта. Будьте внимательны!

published 2020-09-01
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U-Boot Type VIIC ... Submarine warfare. Continued ...
Revell 1:350
Gennady Zavrazhnev
aka ученик
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    Friends! Hello!
    I continue to sink the German submarine fleet and shrink in scale, so I will soon explode to normal size. Such a small scale is just exclusive to me. The rail fence, for example, turned out very thick, but ...
    This work is the last in the series "I will drown everyone". I pause the tar epic for now. The obscene part of the work is mediocre, tk. the emphasis is still on art. So let the experts in the materiel fire at me from all the guns and torpedo tubes, but by the time I received mines as a gift from my previous work, this work was already cooling down in the chemical reaction of resin and hardener ...
    The German submarine from Revell is very good at building. Great plastic, clear details and fit. Only positive emotions.
    I made my favorite irregular shape for pouring resin and paid for it twice !!! I bought a 15 liter aluminum pan for the mold, cut off the bottom, squeezed her dear one to an oval shape and, in fact, filled it with resin. After the resin had completely hardened and the mold was cut, I got my first pill ...
   All visible lateral projection is cloudy. Before that, I poured into plastic containers, and there were no problems with transparency at all. And this time the aluminum reacted with the resin, and nothing was visible. As a result, I had to contact my acquaintances at a car service and, armed with gadgets for polishing, in four hours of continuous work overcame the resin, bringing the side surface to almost perfect transparency.
    The second surprise awaited me already at the final stage, when I had already started the photo session ... The wrong curved surface gave rise to its negative results. As soon as I did not expose the light for shooting, but anyway, some crap is bound to be reflected from the surface. In general, I understood one thing for the future. Do not be so exasperated. You just need to make the usual rectangular shape, but what a result it turned out live! All who looked, without exaggeration, just went nuts, like me, actually ...
    Photographed in two steps without resin using the Underwater plugin and with resin. If you don't like FSh photos, see resin photos. I am not able to depict the underwater environment without the use of computer graphics, and I think no one is interested in looking at a submarine impaled on a stake. I chose the best photos in resin from two hundred. But somehow ...
    In the last photos, a ready-made pie and a comparison photo of msshtba 1/35 and 1/350. The one that is in a small school in reality will be bigger ...
    Color TAMIYA, pigments WILDER. AK tinting.
   I do what I can, but I always try better! ..