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2021-01-26    Открыты голосования фигурно-диорамных номинаций. Все здесь.


published 2020-09-14
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2С19 МСТА-С (NATO: M1990 «Farm») of Ukraunian Armed Forces, 2014-2015
Zvezda 1:72
Andrej Alekseev
aka Kamchatka
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   Some bit "down-graded" Zvezda`s kit of MSTA-S 2C19. Zvezda propose a modern, very high-end version of this SPG. I decide to build an Soviet-style version of this SPG, but wich was used at present-time in hybryd-war at the East of Ukraine.
   It is the 2nd machine of 1st battery of 1st division of 26 Artillery Brigade of Ukraunian Armed Forces. (You need to read number back-to-begin, as it is "112") .
   This vehicle was widely used in fight in 2014-2015.
    The last photo in set - you see, it was the protoype as it is.