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published 2020-09-21
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AMX-13 at El Portenazo rebellion
ACE 1:72
Andrej Alekseev
aka Kamchatka
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   Very nice kit of cute little tank.
   Detailed highly enough, I just add some copper-wire handrails.
   Nothing to say, I just build it and have fun!
   I suppose, that if I build this model as a famous IDF tank from the Six-day-war, it will went to a some kind of a Mainstream. Not cool, Bro. :)
   So I look around, to find a place and time, where this cutie seen action.
   And here it is: June of 1962, Venezuela, El Portenazo military rebellion at Puerto Cabello.
   The action was hard enough, with artillery and air strikes, and with tanks on the streets of a town. The rebellion have no suсcess, at about 400 men killed and about 700 injured on both sides.
   Tragic page of a History...
   This guy was on a Loyalist side, see last photo.