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2020-09-29     Мы начинаем подготовку к нашему традиционному виртуальному конкурсу стендовых моделей DiShow-2020. Замечания, предложения, вопросы на форуме ЗДЕСЬ.

В рамках подготовки к конкурсу в ближайшую неделю планируется масштабное обновление программного обеспечения сайта. В течении этого периода возможны перебои в работе сайта. Будьте внимательны!

published 2020-09-14
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Panther A (SS Panzer Division Wiking/summer 1944)
Meng Model 1:35
Oleg Lebedev
aka Lebedew
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   Greetings to all fellow modelers and those who are simply interested.
    I present to your attention the Panther tank model of modification "A"
   The vehicle was part of the 1st platoon of the 6th company of the 2nd battalion of the 5th Panzer Regiment of the SS Viking Division. The tank took part in the battles in Poland and near Kovel, approximately in the summer of 1944. The division in January 1944 was surrounded in the Korsun-Shevchenkovsky (Cherkassky) "cauldron" and fought defensive battles. The vast majority of the Panthers were modifications A. Tactical numbers were applied to the sides and to the rear of the turret. In the 5th, 6th and 7th companies, the numbers were white. Since April, the tanks have received a three-color paint job, before that they had winter camouflage.
    I could not make a clean and not beaten car again) In this work, I introduced a slightly different approach to applying dirt and chips. According to the idea, there are not enough logs and sleepers on the machine. according to the photo and, in general, the area in which they fought, it was difficult there without devices to increase cross-country ability.
    - Set of plastic MENG TS-035
    - Photo-etched PE 35927 Panther A Late by Voyagermodel
    - Metal tracks from Masterclub
    - The barrel of the gun and the barrel of the coaxial machine gun RB-model
    - Zimmerite and welds from Tamiya two-component filler
    - Antenna and machine gun barrel from ABER
    - Exhaust system completely redesigned (Tamiya and ICM)
    - All instruments are replaced with Dragon.
    - Headlight and hatches are replaced with Dragon.
    - Evolution Miniatures Commander Figure
    - Color acrylic AK and Tamiya
    - Pigments MIG and AK
    - Rope and barrels from Eureka
    - Machine gun on the tower, helmets from ICM
    Special thanks to my hobby friend Dmitry Murashev, he helped in painting the commander's figurine
   Link to his channel Dmitry Murashev
    Enjoy watching everyone.
    Regards, Oleg.