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published 2006-12-30
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Lockheed Orion
Special Hobby 1:72
Valentin Muchichko
aka savoya
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Lockheed Orion
Diamonds are uncountable in stone caves...
    Too much them, too much. The models, which are longing for to assemble. With my rates, it woud take me about half a thousand yers. Certainly, if I’ll ''close up'' the list, concentrate on it all the efforts and endow all my time, years for half a hundred ''fulfil the plan in the gross'' I’d be able. But wether to include non-linearity of factors of health and mood, without force-majeures practical modelism, as phase of life, grows short to somewhere between sorrowful and funny.
    All afore-mentioned compels to be very ascetic in the choice of aims, stingy in the expense of time and concentrated in operations.
    My modelic self-realization dwells in co-ordinates: aviation; 72d scale. In the field of interest a period gets from the middle of I-й to the middle of II-й World Wars, with maximal ''sharpness'' on 30th XX age. My sense of wonderful just overcomes from pleasure, and a reason, by times, is extremely surprised with the examples of combination of futurism and anachronism in the designers pretentious novelties of ''golden age of aviation''. Thus delight from the design and registration of this aesthetics are separate songs.
    With competitions I ''completed'' from 1993 year, but ''Aesthetic of 30th'' intrigued me, impelled to make an effort to find in usual unusual, adding a camera and computer to the arsenal of instruments, stimulated interest and new creative connections. I once again won in me a reflection and saw new horizon.
    Represented model of Lockheed Orion 9D Special is remedied and finished up with the sources of W.A.Wylam and P.Matt, in the past perfectly manned and cased, a remnant of a cake of soap from the Czekh producer of ''Special Hobby''. I remember, that was interesting to solder and collect an undercarriage, and foil, engine from I-16 and interiors - banal. The work was mooved by desire to recreate the spectacular colouring of American ''Northwest Airways inc.'', 1933 year.
    For three years of standing on the shelf of ''Orion'' already became familiar to the eye, and on a photo came back to life again. A photomontage was realized by Oleg Belyakov, Kiev. In first case a painting serves as a background from Halveston museum, in by a friend is photo from the internet.
V.Muchichko, Kiev. 15/XII/2006.