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2020-02-08    У нас очередные призеры по итогам зрительских голосований. Смотреть здесь.

Открыты 7 финальных голосований по номинациям БТТ и транспортной технике. А также предварительные голосования в фигурно-диорамных номинациях.
Голосовалки здесь.

2020-02-07    Определились призеры в авианоминациях по версии зрителей. Смотреть здесь.
published 2008-02-14
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Heinkel He-70
вероятно, ICM 1:72
Valentin Muchichko
aka savoya
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Passions on master.
   To do master-model silently simpler, than to tell about it afterwards. This work is protracted, unrhythmic, to write down "thoughts aloud", deciding what and how to do – unproductively, and to remember and write down at the end of work, after the heap of time – often drops off the important: argumentation of decisions.
    I always liked the design of works of Ernst Heinkel, especially his Не.70 – an airplane, which, except for a ponderable historical endowment, possesses a very stylish and elegant exterior. Modelists are already dissatisfied for a long ago by an old kit from Matchbox, and ICM-holding disposes by sufficient experience and resource, that to incarnate this theme in a 72nd scale up-to-date. such ideas, while resting after Ki.27, and roused me on this ambitious project.
    In conception of articulation of future model possibility of building of civil and military versions of Не.70 was mortgaged from the minimum of details. Taking into account plenty of "white spots" and probability of appearance in the future new materials on a theme, showed oneself logical to mortgage not concrete modifications, but to do an universal designer from which everybody will be able to re-done the desired version by the minimum of simple revisions of details. In the total from a set it will be possible to collect Не.70 G,E and F, by sight different by the variants of fairing, its glazings; bomb rack/salon with doors; by the leaves of undercarriage and shape of cut under wheels in a wing; by composition of hanged up equipment. For every version, on the inside of details, at a necessity of a clipping, it is marked by a contour or selected by diminishing of thickness of wall; in addition, I suppose, all will be accessible reflected in direction.
    For a modelist a chronic shortage and contradiction of information is usual, but from that, how he explores it and works it off, depends the master-models quality and reputation of the modelist. Working over original sources slightly chilled my primary ardor: the accumulated historical photos in about 150 points, were the unbest quality and mainly monotonous foreshortenings; and the drafts known to me appeared to be very contradictory and schemes: He.70 from "Fairey Aviation Co.", He.70 from "Perfiles Aeronauticos №3", He.70F-2 from M.Muratov, couple of nameless drafts, arrangements of He.70G, -E and -F-2 from "Air International".
    It looked so, that to follow strictly no from the present drafts is impossible. And if outline of fuselage I was yet able to check on the photos, contour of wing in a plan – I could not. But exactly this, together with the bends of profile, makes clear the specific of shape of wing flap in the interface of wing with a fuselage and shapes of embrasures under the kinematics of undercarriage, that, in same queue, gives a carriage to the airplane on the lend – little "things" expressing aesthetics of appearance and giving sense to the work. So I had to begin deciding the "problem of wing" from the power chart of glider. A starting point was chosen the draft of M.Muratov, as causing the most trust: laying out of fuselage on distances of sections, sections themselves, corners of attack of the wing and stabilizator, laying out of wing on distances of ribs – on photos I was in a position this neither to confirm nor to contest, therefore, firstly, I adopted the laying out, as given. On this "skeleton" I drew on the "flesh" of surfaces, got by correcting of that draft on pictures. Essence of correction consisted of change of lines of outlines on the projections of draft in accordance with subjective estimation of character of curvature of surfaces, seen on snapshots under the different foreshortenings. This character is obvious on the specks of light lines of "posing of junktion of sheets of covering" of panels.
    In the process of my creation a "skeleton" and "flesh" have slightly changed, and in the total, drew out a theoretical contour of blank, from which, as "from a stove", I began dropping the litter by pollystirol. During the prosecution of blank the interfaces were "automatically corrected": wing-fuselage; fairings-fuselage, embrasures of windows and doors, configuration of niches of undercarriage (connecting with the kinematics of links and power chart of main wing), some sections. The contours of blank, as a result, did not conflict with photomaterial, but began to differ and from my theoretical contour, and from a Muratov’s source code - even more. From everything, what I disposed by, greater to press out could not already - and passed to copyings-overmulding, as described in "м-hobby" №1/2006 on the example of SB. Motion of work is visible on snepshots.
    In a year, when master-model looked as the collected shell-construction with inlying power and hanged up detailisetion, but yet not pasted over by foil in the places of imitation of the metallic edging, a colleague from Dnepropetrovsk contacted me, Ruslan Bilyk known on Rest Models, and kindly provided fresh information obtained by him on Не.70F. These were the fragments of technical description: graphic, charts, control sizes photos...
    My emotional stress – is not so important. I am deeply thankful to Ruslan for the humanism displayed to all of you, and to me – altruism. I had to come back, to the blank. And if fuselage, due to timely photocorrection, was succeeded to rescue by a "small blood", from a wing and plumage remained only conception articulations, adjusting bases and designers decisions. The moral is: on business of approaching of model to the perfective aspect author correcting of source code makes sense, but only in default of authentic information. With appearance of such, all previous researches become only more or less successful, but already by the not actual authors versions of new truth.
    The finale of passions is banal: rising in revolt from an ash and collecting will in a fist, I repeated work in new outlines, then imitated on-the-spot metal, fabric and veneer, and copied all details in epoxide press-forms, on that went away yet year leisure. Veneered edging of wing was imitated not new, but already worked out in the conditions of overfalls of loadings, moistures and temperatures, calculating on the display of visual effect under the acute angle of sight and in the speck of light.
    On the done forms poured off the serial complete sets of master-model, one of which is used, as control assembling of civil version of airplane.
    So that is the beginning, but as it will be then – the time and reviews will show.
Muchichko Valentine.
Kiev, 08/01/08