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published 2010-12-22
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UBT - The weapon of air fight
MiniWorld 1:72
Anatoly Kovalev
aka GoNzA
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   In models kits of the Soviet planes of World War II in scale 1:72 good machine guns seldom meet. Because of technological restrictions there is something reminding a handles of shovels a sheaf. And rare exceptions only confirm this rule.
   If many forces it would be desirable that are spent for model manufacturing also the weapon the kind was at high level. After all more often at it look first of all...
   Independent manufacturing of machine guns from needles of syringes is labor-consuming enough - after all the machine gun is difficult enough design.
   Now with the advent of production MiniWorld it is possible to sigh with simplification. Machine guns of this manufacturer the present works of art. It isn't surprising. They are made on jeweler technologies, and the author obviously isn't indifferent to machine guns. As consequence this very high quality of small details is. For this purpose completely to estimate it it is necessary to use a magnifier.
   I want to tell about a set for assemblage of machine gun УБТ. Details of a machine gun and the instruction are packed into the blister. The instruction contains the assemblage and coloring scheme, and also the list of planes on which this machine gun was established.
   The machine gun gathers from two bronze details. Assemblage consists to removal of ingates and connection of details. In a trunk deepening is made. In end it is necessary to tint wooden, leather and plastic parts of a machine gun.
   I am afraid not at each master it will turn out to make independently something similar. It seems to me that it is that case when will better trust in the professional because I won't be afraid to tell that these products are unique in itself.